About Us

Daisy Day Nursery is a 60-place day nursery situated in the heart of Liscard. We are a part of MTEC (Millennium Training and Education Centre) organisation, which consists of training for 14-19year olds. Situated in The Oldershaw Academy, the nursery resides in the ground floor of the science block. We are a completely separate business housed within the school with good working relationships with the school. Daisy Day offers a safe and secure private day care for children aged 3months up til 5 years of age.

Daisy Day is regulated and inspected by Ofsted, enabling the parents of 3 and 4 years olds to claim Nursery Education Grant. Our most recent Ofsted Inspection took place in July 2011 and we were graded as a good nursery. You can read our full report on the Ofsted website at: www.ofsted.gov.uk

At Daisy Day Nursery, we offer a safe, secure, loving environment in which individuality and child development can take place. The needs of a developing child are vast and complex and our aim is to enhance child development through a wide variety of play and activities.

Play sessions are planned to provide the children with an opportunity to discover and learn. Helping your child to develop and reach their full potential.
Intellectual development, is of course an important area of child development but is by no means the only way in which to measure a child’s development.

At Daisy Day Nursery we ensure the children have daily opportunities to help them develop and maintain positive relationships with other children, staff and most
Importantly, themselves. We are keen to promote self-belief and self-worth in the children whilst also ensuring that they learn to treat others around them with report and compassion.

Our Staff will report daily on any achievements made by your child, and inform you of what foods they have eaten for lunch / diner and which new skills they have picked up.
Personal learning journals are available to parents to view on a regular basis containing digital photographs, evidence of work and observations showing your child hard at work or engage in recreation and have fun.

All these things will enable you to keep up to date with your child’s progress.

The aim of our Nursery is to:

  • Provide a caring, safe and stimulating environment both indoors and outdoors, allowing children to feel safe and secure.
  • Encourage children to participate and explore in a variety of experiences.
  • Ensure we provide the best, most loving staff who give love and affection without discrimination.
  • To listen an support our children, valuing them as individuals.

The objectives of our Nursery are:

  • To conform to all legislation regarding child care.
  • Provide care and activities that put the child’s needs and safety first.
  • Share and discuss with parents with regard’s to their child’s learning journals, experience and progress.

Our Clients

At Daisy Day Nursery, we offer a safe, secure, caring environment.

The needs of a developing child are vast and complex and our aim is to enhance and encourage child development through a wide variety of free and structured play activities.

Play sessions are planned to provide the children with an opportunity to discover and learn. Helping your child to develop and reach their full potential.

Early Years Foundation

We will be implementing the new Early Years Foundation stage throughout the Nursery. This is the new government initiative that is statutory in all nurseries. This framework replaces, and encompasses the Birth to Three Matters Framework, the Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation stage and the National Standards for the Under 8’s Day-care and child-minding.

This single document will guide all practitioners working with children from birth to the end of this first year school and will be the basis for Ofsted Inspection Requirements. It contains four distinct but complimentary themes.

A UNIQUE CHILD recognises that every child is a competent learner from birth who can be resilient, capable, confident and self -assured. The commitments are focused around development, inclusion, safety, and health and well being.

POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS describes how children learn to be strong and independent from a base of loving and secure relationships with parent and/or key person. The commitments are focused around respect, partnership with parents, supporting learning, and the role of the key person.

ENABLING ENVIRONMENTS explains that the environment plays a key role in supporting and extending children’s development and learning. The commitments are focused around observation, assessment and planning, support for every child, the learning environment and the wider context – transitions, continuity, and multi– agency working.

LEARNING AND DEVELOPING recognises that children develop and learn in different ways and at different rates. All the areas of learning and development are equally important and inter-connected.

This framework ensures “the child” as an individual is the central focus and starting point for all planning activities.

We ensure parents have the opportunity to review their child’s progress with the nursery on a regular basis. A ’Daily Diary Sheet’ is produced containing information about your child’s day, meals eaten, nappy changing and toileting, sleeping and rest times and a general picture of their well being throughout their time at nursery. Daily handover of children both morning and evening is also used as an opportunity to share information. We also inform parents of our topics and planned activities through news letters and parents evenings, which are held yearly where you can view your child’s progress profile.

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