Meal and Snacks

At Daisy Day Nursery, we operate a healthy eating policy, providing children with the nutrition and goodness they need to give them energy during their day.

A breakfast snack is provided which can be wholemeal toast, crumpet, bagel, pancake, teacake or muffin. This varies on a day to day basis depending on the week of the menu. The children have this around 8.30am with milk or water.

A two course lunch is served around 11.15am, this is a hot meal with a milk based pudding, again served with water. Meals vary from classics such as Shepherds Pie to cultural meals such as Sweet and Sour.

A light tea is provided but it’s a smaller portion, so the children can go home and have a tea with their family. The tea-time menu is simple things like, beans on toast, tuna pasta, or scrambled egg and tomatoes.

The nursery can cater for children with special dietary requirements/allergies, we work alongside parents as to what alternatives we can provide similar to the menu. Parents of babies are asked to provide sufficient ready made formula feeds for their in nursery. We follow parents own weaning plans with their babies but if parents prefer they can provide their own meals while their child is weaning.

Tiny Tums

In the nursery we operate a Tiny Tums eating programme. Tiny Tums is set up to ensure all children receive a balanced diet which we provide through our meals and snacks during their time in nursery.

It is essential that during the child’s early years, that they receive all the nutrients they need, as they are growing and developing fast. Children are provided with one hot meal a day and a light tea. Water is available to the children at all times form the water dispenser. Milk is served at snack and meal times. If a child refuses to eat their meal, they are encouraged by staff, but no pudding will be served.

Our lunchtime meals are provided by ‘Apetitio’ who provide child friendly, low salt/ sugar meals and are delivered frozen and placed into the oven to cook thoroughly. Tea can be either sandwiches, wraps and salad or soup, all of which are made daily from fresh produce. For Babies up until the age of 18months a hot meal is provided for their tea and then they are encouraged onto finger food. Only Full Fat Cows milk and Whole-meal bread are used.

Presentation of meals is very important, and food is not disguised for the children, this is so they can learn about alternative vegetables salads and fruit so that they can distinguish between them and name them too. Menu’s are rotated on a 6 week basis to ensure that the child receives a wide variety of tastes and styles of meal.

All allergies, intolerances and cultural beliefs are recorded and catered for as best as possbile. All staff are made aware of these, Agency Staff and students are not allowed to serve food