Policies & Procedures

We have policies and procedures in place at the Nursery and you are welcome to read them at your own leisure, they are in the ‘Parents Area’ outside the rooms in the nursery corridor. Here are some of the policies briefly.

It is important to us at Daisy Day Nursery that you feel comfortable about leaving your child in our care. We will work in close partnership with you to help your child settle into Nursery successfully, and to make their time with us happy and secure. We offer 3 1 hour settling in sessions for your child the week prior to your child starting nursery (free of charge.) This allows you to meet your child’s keyworker and discuss your child’s needs to help in settling the child into nursery. During these sessions your child is able to explore their new environment and meet their peer group, we also encourage one of the sessions to be over lunch so they have had a feel of different times during the day.
The safety and welfare of our children is always of paramount importance, whatever the circumstances. All staff working with the children have moral and legal responsibility to safeguard and promote the children’s welfare. All staff are CRB checked, students/volunteers working in the nursery are CRB over the age of 16 and are always supervised by a qualified member of staff.
We accept all children into the nursery regardless of the ability. We have a SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) who works with parents and professionals to ensure the most suitable care for the child.
Positive Behaviour is praised and encouraged and also rewarded with stickers/certificates. If unacceptable behaviour is displayed, the children will be distracted away from the situation and a ‘time out’ procedure is used. Time out is where the child is moved away from the situation for a specific length of time (1 min for each year of their life = if the child is 2 they have 2 mins.) It is explained to the children involved why the actions they were displaying were not appropriate. Under no circumstances is any child within our care exposed to shouting or any form of humiliation.
We accept all children into the nursery regardless of the ability. We have a SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) who works with parents and professionals to ensure the most suitable care for the child.
When your child starts nursery we recommend you do not put their best clothes on them as we like to let the children explore without the worry of them getting dirty, from painting, water play or outdoor games. We ask you to provide a change of clothes for your child, which is clearly labelled with their name and stored on the child’s coat peg. The Nursery cannot accept liability for any property lost or damaged whilst in the nursery care.


Our security has been designed to ensure the safety and security of all of the children attending. The entrance to Daisy Day Nursery is through the Oldershaw Car park on Burns Avenue. We have a video entry system into MTEC reception and through the garden (weather depending.) When entering the school, parents are escorted with a member of MTEC staff through to the nursery entrance or the garden door. On the nursery door are doorbells, which parents can ring to call the attention of the staff. Doors are locked with keypad locks and only staff who work in the nursery are aware of the code to gain access. At the end of the session children are released only to the adults listed on the Consent form previously provided by you. Release to any other adult may occur with a written authorisation signed and dated by you, or by direct communication with keyworkers. We have a password system in place for this. Identification may be requested at any time.

Illnesses & Medication

To reduce the risk of cross-infection, any child with a contagious illness will not be permitted into the Nursery until the child has had 48 hours clear of any symptoms of the illness. If your child becomes ill whilst in our care, we will contact you to organise collection of your child.
Staff can administer medication BUT only if prior written consent from the parent has been given. The medicine must be clearly labelled with the child’s name. If your child has been prescribed anti-biotics, they should not attend Nursery until they have had between 24 and 48 for the medication to take effect.

Daisy Day is regulated and inspected by Ofsted, enabling the parents of 2, 3 and 4 years olds to claim their Early Years Entitlement which . Our most recent Ofsted Inspection took place in July 2011 and we were graded as a good nursery. You can read our full report on the Ofsted website at: www.ofsted.gov.uk

Comments and Complaints

We welcome any suggestions or recommendations to improve the quality of care we provide. Any complaints or comments can be discussed with staff. However, you may feel it more appropriate to speak to the Nursery Owners Sharon Plant or Lorraine Krimou. All complaints will be dealt with confidently and promptly.

Alternatively, you may wish to contact Ofsted on:

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD


0300 123 1231