At Daisy Day we give each child the opportunity for achievement and successful learning. Our provision supports and nurtures the children’s early development, stimulating curiosity and fostering good language, communication and social skills.

Our broad and well-balanced pre-school provision for 3 and 4 year olds (Sunflower Group) is designed to challenge the children and encourage them to develop into motivated learners and thinkers, equipping them with the skills to help them make the important transition from nursery to school. We also place great emphasis on developing the children’s personal and social skills, building their confidence and self esteem.

The Sunflower Room

Our Sunflower room caters for pre-school children aged 3-5 years, the keyworkers for this group are Hannah and Ashleigh. Although activities are more structured, the children enjoy learning through play in an uncompetitive and relaxed atmosphere. the keyworker assistants working alongside them are Hilly and Sarah.

Ashleigh prepares the children for their first year at school. Ensuring the children are experienced in areas such as maths, with numbers/shapes as well as early writing and letter recognition. The staff ratio in this area is 1 member of staff to a maximum of 8 children, our Early Years Professional can have a bigger group of children.

The Poppy Room

Our Poppy room caters for children from 2-3 years old, the keyworkers are Hayley and Danielle, the keyworker assistants working alongside them are Abbie, Gill and Emma.

This cheerful well equipped area is suitable for children aged 2-3 years. A high level of care and attention is given to each child through a ratio of 1 member of staff to a maximum of 4 children. We will ensure your child enjoys many experiences through play. Around the age of 3 years we will slowly integrate them into the Sunflower group.

The Buds & Buttercup Room

Our Bud & Buttercup Room caters for our youngest children from birth to 2 years. Our keyworker in this room is Lauren who is the Buds Keyworker (approx 6mnths-15mnths ) and the Buttercups Keyworker (approx 15mnths-24mnths.) Christine is our Junior Keyworker working alongside Lauren in the room, as well as Jodie who is our keyworker assistant in the room.

This room has been  designed in a way to appeal to children from the age of 6 months up until the age of 2 years, providing separate areas for the different ages of the babies. Integrated in the baby room is the cots and we also set out snooze beds, we work on a “home from home” with parents to enhance to their sleeping patterns. Monitoring will be carried out every 10 minutes whilst they are sleeping. The ratio in this room is 1 member of staff to a maximum of 3 children, this ensures your child receives plenty of one to one attention.

At the end of each day you will receive a “Daily Sheet” to inform you of your child’s activities, eating, sleeping and nappy/toileting routines during their day with us.